Personal Branding

The World Is Waiting To Hear From You

Be the brand you’ve always wanted to be

Your thoughts and ideas have the power to inspire the world and create meaningful impact. However, just like it is businesses, branding is equally important for individuals who aim to make their mark on the world. We follow a methodical, thorough approach to personal branding that creates a brand out of the most unique asset you possess - you.

Through our best-in-class approach to personal branding, the world won’t wait to hear from you anymore - they’ll listen.

Our Personal Branding Process

Discovery meeting

We meet you to discuss your convictions, ideas, and experience - and uncover more about your expectations from your personal brand.

Personal Brand Manifesto

Based on our learnings from the discovery meeting, we’ll prepare a personal brand manifesto that will set up the foundation of your brand for years to come.

Communications audit

We will analyse your social media capital and your position in Google Search, to have a data driven approach to building your brand.

Strategy Meeting

During this session, we will lay down the framework for your brand’s strategy and also finalise the brand manifesto.

Media Training

Get comfortable with facing the camera and the crowd, with the help of our specialised media trainer. Public speaking engagements and interviews will be given special focus.

Most-wanted media list

After formalising a strategy, we will compile a list of platforms on which you need to rise through the ranks with consistent activity and messaging.

Social Networking

Your social media pages are the biggest reflection of your identity. We will optimise and create your profiles across social media sites, and manage your reputation online.

Personal website

Your website is an essential aspect of being both discovered and remembered. We will set up a website with a domain in your name (subject to availability of domain) and design a website that truly brings your brand to life.

Search engine optimization

Through the process of optimising your website for search engines, your website will rank even higher in search engines and enhance visibility.

Speaking engagements

After careful selection, we will introduce you to speaking opportunities that are relevant to your brand and the content you create. These could be virtual seminars and conferences, or even massive local and national events.

Media Support

On the completion of your media training, we will schedule interviews with you at leading online media platforms, print media, TV, radio, and more.

Content Support

We will provide editorial assistance in creating blogs, articles, and other forms of content to truly position you as a thought leader.

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